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Username: MyDixieWreckedInUranusJoin Date: 2015-12-26Listens From: Wichita - T95
Game: 2018 Jan-Dec / List: AllHandsOnMattLauersDeck
10Olivia DeHavilland    
9Billy Graham    
8Herman Wouk    
7Vera Lynn    
6Kirk Douglas    
5Peter Carrington    
4DickVan Dyke    
3EvaMarie Saint    
2Doris Day    
1Carl Reiner    
AltEd Asner    
Game: 2018 Jan-Dec / List: GrabTylerByThePuss
10Frankie Muniz    
9Lamar Odom    
8OJ Simpson    
7Devin Lima    
6Larry King    
5Ronnie Wood    
4Jaime Gomez    
3debbie rowe    
2Bill Wyman    
1Vivian Campbell    
AltTommy Chong    
Game: 2018 Jan-Dec / List: PlzDontDie
10Betty White    
9Kenny Rogers    
8Angela Lansbury    
7rose marie     
6Nanette Fabray    
4Bob Barker    
2Sidney Poitier    
1Liza Minnelli    
AltMamieVan Doran    
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: Grab him by the Puss
10Clive James    
9Clive James    
8Barbara Bush    
7Billy Graham    
6Michael Schumacher    
5Kirk Douglas    
4Wilko Johnson    
3Valerie Harper    
2Jackie Stallone    
1Vera Lynn    
Altbea wain    
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: HillarysHairball
10Donnie Dunagan    
9Doris Day    
8Hugh Downs    
7Jake LaMotta    
6Nanette Fabray    
5Danielle Darrieux    
4larry storch    
3Joseph Wapner    
2Charlotte Rae    
1June Foray    
AltVal Kilmer    
Game: Jan - Dec 2017 / List: TrumpsSkidMarks
10Val Kilmer    
9Peter Sallis    
8Henry Kissinger    
7Mary Tyler-Moore    
6Olivia DeHavilland    
5Bill Cosby    
4Don Rickles    
3Gord Downie    
2Vivian Campbell    
1Irwin Corey    
AltValerie Harper    
Latest News
Marty Allen died on 02-13-2018 at the age of 96 and was picked by 29 players.
Vic Damone died on 02-11-2018 at the age of 89 and was picked by MikeHuntsBloodyMary, SanduskysShowerTowel, WhiteHouseGumDumpster
John Mahoney died on 02-05-2018 at the age of 77 and was picked by 0 players.
John Battaglia died on 02-01-2018 and does not count as a hit. Death row inmates are qualified if they are famous and if they do not die from execution.
Mark Smith died on 01-24-2018 at the age of 60 and was picked by AllanArbus
Mort Walker died on 01-27-2018 at the age of 94 and was picked by coolwhipbandit, Iahawks03, truckstopbonnerpills, YaWanda_C_Mahpeepee
Ursala LeGuin died on 01-22-2018 at the age of 88 and was picked by Craig_is_a_pet_rapist
Ingvar Kamprad died on 01-29-2018 at the age of 91 and was picked by TalkinBoutPoopYall, YouStupidSonOfABitch
Connie Sawyer died on 01-22-2018 at the age of 105 and was picked by 108 players.
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